Chicago Tribune: Column: A Muslim president? What’s so wrong with that?

As always, I’ve cut some material out of these quotes. Feel free to read the full article, or just to rest assured that I haven’t left out anything significant.

To the question of whether he could support a Muslim candidate for president, the famous brain surgeon said, no, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

Why not? Islam, said Carson, is “inconsistent” with the Constitution and “the values and principles of America.”

You don’t have to be a legal scholar to know that it is Carson’s religious litmus test that is inconsistent with the Constitution.

Article VI, paragraph 3 of the document: “… no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

If there was a man running for president who was a fervent believer in a religion that revolved around human sacrifice, would you declare that it doesn’t matter? Even if he stated that his religion wouldn’t inform his policy, wouldn’t you still be suspicious that it might?

Obviously, I’m not equating the two religions. But it’s entirely possible to have a religion so terrible that you wouldn’t let any strong believer of it hold high office, as we see here. The question is really just-how terrible is Sharia, and Islam? Read on and find out.

In an interview later Sunday with The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper, Carson said he was caught off guard by Todd’s question. It wasn’t all Islam that he opposed, just Shariah law. If the Muslim running for office “publicly rejected all the tenants of Shariah and lived a life consistent with that,” he said, “then I wouldn’t have any problem.”

Islam is a thorny problem to discuss, so I’m not sure if Carson is backtracking, clarifying, or some admixture of both. That said, what he’s saying here is entirely logical – Shariah law is in most ways entirely different from our legal system, and in many cases (gays, women, religious choice) objectively worse. If someone believes that these are the rules handed down by God, and must be followed, then I’m not voting for him.

Rest assured, there is no danger of the Islamic-based legal system of Shariah taking over other American laws.

Yes, because we don’t have a Muslim president, you smug fool.

Yet anti-Muslim jitters are so fierce in some parts of our country that states with very few or no Muslims have tried to pass laws that expressly forbid their courts from even considering Islamic law in judicial decisions.

If the potential invasion of Shariah law is the concern of Carson and others who want to call themselves fair-minded, it should be treated like any other personal belief of a candidate. The candidate should be given an opportunity to explain how his or her beliefs might influence his or her conduct in office. Then the voters can decide. That’s the American way.

Referring to my earlier example, there are certain religions whose beliefs are too repugnant to really be compatible with civilization. If a believer in Shariah law is elected President, and there’s a rash of anti-gay hate crimes, will he investigate? He might say he will, but I bet he won’t. And in related news, he will never have my vote-unless he forswears Shariah, just like Ben Carson says.

Is the Quran un-American? We know that Thomas Jefferson, an avid reader, found time to see for himself. He had a two-volume English translation of the holy book that now belongs to the Library of Congress.

I normally cut out this meaningless fluff, but this is really just… … …Firstly, you didn’t tell me if he read the book or not (rich people often have big libraries they don’t fully read, so.) On top of that, did he decide if it was un-american or not? Luckily, my Google search for answers led me to this fine article:

Completely taken aback by this revelation, Jefferson read the Koran. He learned what Islam was about.

And when he became president, he expanded and then mobilized the United States Navy to protect American ships from Muslim piracy and then sent Marines to the shores of Tripoli, who soundly defeated the Muslim warriors.

In 2007, Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and one of two Muslims in Congress, took his symbolic oath of office on Jefferson’s Quran. Religious differences, Ellison said, “are nothing to be afraid of.” No, not unless you think of every Muslim as a potential terrorist.

When Trump was asked after Carson’s remarks if he thought a Muslim should be elected to the presidency, he sarcastically quipped that “some people” think we already have. Har, har.

I would add, in the spirit of an old line from TV’s “Seinfeld,” “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Again, it’s not so much religious differences as a profoundly negative religion, but OK man.

Is every Muslim a potential terrorist? To answer that, consider how any religious person becomes a radical: by coming under the sway of a radical priest. Currently, Islam has more of those than anyone else, and their radicals are more radical than everyone else’s. While not every Muslim is a potential terrorist, it’s a much higher likelihood than any other religion, which is an entirely fair thing to consider.

Also, while I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, I do think he sympathizes with them. I mean, he was raised in a white community, by white people, and yet it’s assumed he sympathizes with black people due to his skin color. Now, many will point out that he may have solidarity due to experiencing racism; however, Obama was raised from ages 6 to 10 in Indonesia, a Muslim country.

In short, it’s entirely fair to assume that he will sympathize with Muslims, in the same way that it is presumed by all that he will sympathize with African-Americans. If anything, he probably has more sympathy for the first group, having grown up among them in a much more real sense.

Also, Obama being a Muslim is something he has every incentive to lie about, and there are telltale marks of him being a Muslim-nothing conclusive, but this is again not an insane statement. Really though, I don’t give a damn if he really subscribes to this belief system or not, because he sympathizes with it either way.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! JK, ISIS V. Iran Feat. Syria looks to be the up-and-coming act that will dominate the industry for years to come. Their hot new album “Horrible Human Genocide”, produced by Obama Records, is set to drop in about a year. Can’t wait ! ! …

Chicago Tribune: Column: A Muslim president? What’s so wrong with that?

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