Personal Rhetorical Devices and Shortcuts

This is a personal post, as you can tell. I’m just highlighting a few of the things I do, so that I don’t have to clarify these things constantly. (reading those clarification bores the shit out of me and I bet it does you too.)

Currently, 2 things to discuss

A: Ridiculous comparisons to prove a point.

Simply put, when I state in the below article that I wouldn’t let a human sacrifice worshipper be our president, I’m not equating or even comparing that with Islam. I’m just making the concrete point that there are certain religions bad enough to exclude their believers from consideration for high office.

The point of this is to say ‘OK, clearly it’s possible and there IS a threshold. Now, where is that and is Islam over or under said threshold?’

B: Generalised statements.

When I make a generalised statement about cultures, religions, genders, etc., take it as understood that I’m not talking about every single person, just the large majority of those people. Note that with cultures, i would call this at 80%, whereas with gender, it’s more like 60 to maybe 70, depending.

Personal Rhetorical Devices and Shortcuts

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