Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden? Ha!


As always, I’ve cut some material out of these quotes. Feel free to read the full article, or just to rest assured that I haven’t left out anything significant.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump gave a meandering, fact-challenged speech— read from a teleprompter, no less — that framed him and the Republican Party as champions of America’s women and racial, ethnic and L.G.B.T. minorities. I laughed out loud, repeatedly.

I’m not a massive fan of this side of the argument, but you have to admit that cities like Chicago aren’t doing particularly well. Is that the systemic racism of the Republican establishment? Nope, turns out it’s Democratic mayors all the way on. But more realistically this is a function of a group of people who are never going to change their vote becoming politically marginalized as a result – if you always get the black vote, there’s no actual incentive to do anything for black people to begin with.

Trump continues to make the incredible claim that his religion-based anti-Muslim policies on immigration and refugees would be good for members of the L.G.B.T. communities because many of those people come from countries with brutally anti-gay records.

Omar Mateen’s father told him all his life that being homosexual was wrong, a sin, etc.

Look, I know that’s true of a ton of Christians as well. But why do we need to import more of them? That’s like saying “Well, if we’ve gotta drive drunk, we might as well light up a joint before we go”. Given that there seems to be no good way to erase bigotry, the option to keep as much of it as far away as possible sounds like a nice one to me. And keep in mind that I’m not interested in deporting anyone, Christian or Muslim.

As Trump put it: “I only want to admit people who share our values and love our people. Hillary Clinton wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death.”

What? Not only has Trump never specified a values-based exemption to his Muslim ban


but also how on earth would a values test be administered?


Seriously, take a look at any given Pew poll, go talk to any Muslim outside of the first world where they learned like the rest of us to ignore the radical parts of religion in favor of cultural enlightenment. No filter is ever 100% perfect, but god damn if this one isn’t close.

And where is the specific proof that Clinton explicitly “wants to bring in people who believe women should be enslaved and gays put to death”?

let’s begin with: if she did, why on earth would she tell anybody about it? that’s a bit like saying “there’s no proof Lex Luthor wants to kill Superman and take over the world”. Well, until he actually tries it, he’d be an idiot to point it out.

More broadly, I think Hillary A) underestimates the risk and B) doesn’t care too much about it. Which is to say, yes, if you put in front of her a person with a sign saying “I want to enslave women and put gays to death”, she would not allow this person in, but she’s not willing to go looking for her own signs or follow general patterns of behavior.

At another point, Trump said that Clinton “took millions” from countries that “pushed oppressive Shariah law” or otherwise “horribly abuse women and the L.G.B.T. citizens” while not disclosing that, as CNN reported last week:

“[Trump], too, has financial ties to some of the same companies. From licensing his name to a golf club in Dubai to leasing his suburban New York estate to former Libyan strongman Muammar el-Gaddafi, Trump has launched several new business ventures connected to Middle Eastern countries since 2000.”

But until very recently, Trump hasn’t portrayed himself as the progressive LGBT / feminist champion of the world. And even now, he’s not so much saying “I love LGBT people / women and will defend all of their rights”, so much as “the specific policy I already endorsed is better for them than my opponent’s”. Besides, there’s a difference between taking money from someone, and doing business in a country or having some guy come lease your place…

This man gives new meaning to the word hypocrisy.

But he didn’t stop there. He also framed himself as the best candidate for African-Americans (a group he once said he hated counting his money) and Hispanics (even though he has labeled many Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals).

Well, Wikipedia tells me the black thing was said by a former employee, who…

Well, trump gave the trump brand denial. I guess I can imagine him saying it. Frankly, this is a tough subject to think about and I’ll just bow out.

as for the immigrant thing, i find there’s a dichotomy, in that some people think of cartel people moving across the border and some think of immigrants coming to stay and work. Now look, I went to a Los Angeles public high school, so you better believe I knew a ton of illegal (and legal!) immigrants. But I understand the issue with cartel people moving across the border, and I think if you didn’t grow up like me, you might not get the ins and outs of the issue. Then again, cartels don’t move next to my house armed to the teeth, so who am I to talk?

Trump said of Clinton:

“She has pledged to grant mass amnesty and in her first 100 days, end virtually all immigration enforcement, and thus create totally open borders for the United States. The first victims of her radical policies will be poor African-American and Hispanic workers who need jobs. They’re also the ones she will hurt the most, by far.”

He continued:

“She can’t claim to care about African-American and Hispanic workers when she wants to bring in millions of new low-wage earners to compete against them.”

This is the epitome of the politics of public division that seeks to pit one part of the electorate against the other, a way of making starving dogs fight for scraps. It’s revolting and un-American — not only the liberal vision of America, but also the conservative vision of America as articulated by Paul Ryan in 2011 when he was hammering President Obama for engaging in what he thought was class warfare.

Look, dear reader, I’ll level with you.

Frankly, for most of my life – and maybe even now – I was always in favor of allowing illegal immigration. Because, you see, I’m white.

Shocked? Well, look. Pretty much no illegal immigrant has the English skills and the (arguably meaningless) educational qualifications to compete with me for any job I actually want to do for the rest of my life. On the other hand, they do have the qualifications to do any menial work that benefits me on the cheap. More importantly, supporting illegal immigration lets me feel good at nearly no cost to myself.

However, the laws of supply and demand do in fact exist, and as I recall immigration reform occurred in 1965 and our (inflation-adjusted, cost of living adjusted) wages, as a nation, haven’t really risen since 1970. The reality is that if a bunch of illegal immigrants move over here, then either a lot of our people immigrate to Mexico or there won’t be enough jobs for everyone. Anyone seen the articles about black youth having trouble getting jobs recently? This nation has enough people for now; we need to focus on our own problems and let other nations take care of themselves for at least then next 10 years or so.

Trump ended his specious speech with a string of baseless boasts about all the fairy-tale, utopian improvements that a Trump presidency would somehow magically induce. One of those boasts was that “inner cities” — invariably a term of art in American politics for poor minority neighborhoods — “which have been horribly abused by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, will finally, finally, finally be rebuilt.”

Do you actually believe that our inner cities are “built” right now?

Aside from that, given that the poor residents probably can’t afford renovations, many of the houses are probably falling apart and could afford to be literally rebuilt, our inner cities are doing terribly and your ass knows it. Someone needs to do something. I guess he’s correct that this is sort of Trumpist nonspecificity which seems to go hand in hand with his lack of coherent policy, but

never mind, there’s no but

Trump’s speech was garbage, pure and simple. Not only was it too often false, it was also flimsy, an effort to paint himself as a champion of the people who loathe him most.

So like Bernie did?

Maybe the people who support him despise Clinton more than they cherish the truth, but for those who can see this man’s naked bigotry for what it is, this speech fell like seeds on a stony place. Nothing will come of it.

unless of course we make that place great again, and build a circular wall around it, fill it with dirt, forming a giant pot

uh, trump 2016?

look on the bright side – as a california voter, nothing I do will have any impact on this race whatsoever. I guess as an Israel First kind of guy, i should be grateful that Hillary is going to win and then start a war with a muslim nation or two? note that when she does that it won’t be bigotry, because mass graves aren’t nearly as bad as triggering rhetoric.

Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden? Ha!

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